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About Us

We at "Air Duct Cleaning San Bruno" specialize not only in cleaning HVAC ducts, kitchen exhaust hoods and dryer duct vents, but also in repairing and replacing their every part. You can count on our team whenever you feel the air inside your home or office isn't as clean as it used to be. If you feel there is too much dust despite of regular cleaning, and you're coughing more than usual, it could be the ducts. Let us run an air quality test and determine if you're in need of service.

About our company in California

Full Air Duct Cleaning Services

No matter how complex or specific your HVAC system is, our technician will use the best tools toreach every square inch of the ducts and clean it thoroughly. Our service includes air duct sanitizing in order to prevent future mold and bacteria growth, and to keep the results for long time to come.

The cleaning work extends to the air filters and HVAC units. If the filters have come to the end of their useful life, our technicians replace them with durable and reliable ones. If duct or HVAC unit repair is required, count on us to do the job without delay. The damaged or faulty component will be fixed perfectly in little time.

Our team specializes in home and restaurant dryer vent cleaning as well. We remove lint and dust with the use of safe and powerful tools so as the leave the surface completely clean and in optimal condition. If the vent is damaged, our technician will repair or replace it. Our replacement vents are of the highest quality, so you can be rest assured you'll enjoy the results for long years to come.

The air delivered inside your house by the HVAC system will be free from allergy-causing dust and pollen particles. The system will operate more efficiently, and this will help you save energy and reduce your bills as well. You will enjoy the same benefits with our dryer duct cleaning service as well. More importantly, it will reduce the risk of fire to the lowest possible minimum.

If you need a professional to clean your HVAC or dryer exhaust system, call us or leave us a note. Get more details on our services from our website.

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